Early May Update & Farms Renewals

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3 min readMay 6, 2021

Hey everyone!

It’s time for a little update.

In this article, you will find information related to farms being renewed on our main pairs and about an update of the ILO Requirements both on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

In case you missed our previous roadmap update, we recommend this article. Our token vesting service feature is nearly ready to be deployed.

🌱 Farms Renewals and Rewards

After 6 months of yield farming, UNCL’s first farms just came to an end. However, we are pleased to announce that some new farms are going to be activated on the Ethereum blockchain.

These farms will be the last ones on our current farming-as-a-service contracts.

Once this second farming period is over, we will activate our new UNCL and UNCX farms, coming along with staking options… and ILO fees distribution.

We are supporting two pairs for this second phase of farming options.

We are supporting two pairs for this second phase of our farms as described in the section hereunder.

1️⃣ UNCL/ETH Pair — Rewarded in UNCL.

This farm details can be found here. We are allocating 10,000 UNCL tokens to it over a period of 2 months.

10,100 UNCL tokens have been minted in this transaction, allowing the creation of the farming vault. Transparency ! 😉

The APY depends on the liquidity staked in the farming pool and will vary as farmers come and leave.

The farming block reward for the UNCL/ETH pair is above ANY of the previous UNCL farms.

Farming starts on May 8th and will end on July 8th ✅.

2️⃣ UNCX/ETH Pair — Rewarded in USDC 🔥🔥

You heard it right. Time for us to share some additional fees with the community.

Unicrypt is thrilled to reveal that 200k$ USDC are reserved for our UNCX/ETH liquidity providers over the next 2 months.

The APY will also depend on the amount of liquidity staked in the farm. All the details here (open the link and then select the farm).

Farming starts on May 8th and will end on July 8th ✅.

Must read before farming 🔽

As always, please make sure you are aware of the process to stake your Uni-V2 (liquidity provider) tokens and about the risk of impermanent losses.

Unicrypt strongly recommends watching this Finematics Youtube cover explaining the IL concept.

📊 ILO Requirements Update

Our team monitors very closely the ILO platform adoption.

With now enough liquidity on PancakeSwap, we are activating UNCX or UNCL holding requirements for round 1 on Binance Smart Chain and adjusting it for ETH blockchain as below:

Holding 3 UNCX


Holding 50 UNCL

To be able to participate in the first round of any ILO taking place on these chains, you need to hold the UNCX/UNCL on the chain where the ILO is happening. Learn more about the available bridges here.

To ease the access to the UNCL token on Binance Smart Chain, we are adding 400k$ of liquidity into our UNCL/BNB Pool on PancakeSwap. To achieve that, we minted 200k$ worth of UNCL in this transaction on the Ethereum chain before bridging them to BSC. The BNB pooled are coming from Unicrypt funds.

For now, no holding period nor staking period is required for participating to round 1: this will however come in our future release related to guaranteed allocations for stakers. Stay tuned on that front, it is already planned in our roadmap.

📫 Closing Word

Very exciting times for us! New farms, ILO requirements update, token vesting service on its way and a brand new website ready to be deployed.

This week we also deployed our Twitter & Telegram bot, allowing everyone to track the new liquidity locks taking place on the Ethereum blockchain — Nice to see our collaboration with Graphlinq in action!

Last but not least, to make it crystal clear to our community and beyond: UniCrypt core team members are getting ready to turn the page of the anonymous status and go public. Stay tuned on that front too!

Cheers everyone & thank you for the permanent support! Social links are below.

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