Hi all,

After discussing the UNC swap with our core team we have decided to announce April 15th 2021 as the final date to swap UNC (old token) to UNCX.

The swap has been active for many months now, and to prevent confusion going forward now that UNCX and UNCL will be available on multiple blockchains we are going to be ending the swap of UNC -> UNCX on April 15th, and requesting coingecko and cmc to remove it from their websites.

There are two options to convert your UNC to UNCX:

Swap portal:

Swaps 4000 UNC : 1 UNCX




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Layer two security

We are excited to announce the Unicrypt presale dapp has just been updated to include a new auditing feature. It will now be possible to see at a glance if a tokens contract has passed a human audit, to ensure it has no exploits or devious code such as:

  • minting
  • blacklisting users spending their tokens
  • proxies
  • code which may result in tokens getting stuck in the contract
  • other dangerous code

The idea behind this feature is to help investors identify high-risk tokens. This will also encourage developers to have their contracts audited before a presale on the Unicrypt platform and…

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Unicrypt decentralised presales are finally here. After successfully completing our audit with chainsulting, we are ready to move onto mainnet release. We are super excited to have finally bridged presales, market initialisation and liquidity locking on the #1 uniswap liquidity locking platform.


Before we go further its worth mentioning the risks involved in decentralised presales. We believe in creating free tech, that anyone can use for their project. Much like uniswap or our lockers where anyone can list their tokens, our presale platform allows any token to list a presale. This means we have no say in which tokens use…

Hi All,

This is a quick article to keep you all up to date on whats happening this week and the Dext farm.

This weekend our partner DEXT set up a farming pool on our farming dapp, which unfortunately does not work due to certain code in the ‘transfer’ function of their native token. If you are currently farming on the DEXT-ETH pair please remove your lp tokens (refresh the farming dapp if you cannot withdraw).

A note to token devs, if your ERC20 token inherits from the openzepplin library and implements the standard ERC20 interface your good to go…

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After working side by side for some months already, Unicrypt.network is very excited to announce a joint venture with UNCBOT.COM.

UNCBOT.COM has recently rebranded from UNIBOT, a platform many of you are likely already familiar with. It has fast become the go-to Telegram price action channel and data platform for anyone who trades on UNISWAP and other DEX’s. UNCBOT makes DEX trades transparent, Telegram communities stronger, and helps projects and Telegram groups gain insights to market movements. …

Hello wonderful community,

It is with great pleasure that I announce our Lockers V2 are live.
We have updated the uniswap browser today to include watchlists, account logins, and better metrics on tokens that have locked liquidity. I hope you are all finding it useful!

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We have just breached 52 million in locked liquidity and I think this number is about to grow much more in the following weeks and months with a greater pace.

One of the new features in the new locking contracts is the option for any member of our community who holds at least 5 UNCX…

Hi all,

Recently Jon0x from SpaceMine approached me to see if they could connect their presale contract to our Proof of Liquidity lockers.

I would like to announce that I have done an audit of there presale contract and the presale contract only. You can find it at the current address:


Lines of interest:

UNICRYPT_DEPLOYER = 0x60e2E1b2a317EdfC870b6Fc6886F69083FB2099a;
address constant UNICRYPT_POL = 0x17e00383A843A9922bCA3B280C0ADE9f8BA48449

I can confirm that the UNICRYPT_DEPLOYER is an address I control and that the correct address for our pol contract has been supplied.

I spoke with Jon and mentioned it should never be such that they have…

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Hey folks!

It is with great pleasure we officially announce our long term partnership with DEXT, DexTools.

As many of you may already know, DexTools has featured Unicrypt for a while now on their app, allowing users to follow the Unicrypt link to verify locked liquidity on our platform. We are going to be strengthening the collaboration between our two projects to provide enhanced safety metrics going forward.

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Hey guys and gals!

In this article I want to quickly touch on UNCL and how it will be used in yield farming. The time is coming shortly for the airdrop and I’d like to explain whats it's for and its economic model.

I would also like to stress that this is a generous airdrop to reward our long time community members. We really aimed to do something special for you with this airdrop and I think you will see just how decent this airdrop is as you read on.

UNCL is the token that we will be using for…

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This article is mostly for token developers who plan to use our new yield farming platform to launch yield farms for their community.

What is the UNCX farming platform? The idea is to make a farming platform that is easy for token developers or farmers to use, like uniswap. You don't need to write a single line of code to launch a farm — or even contact our team. Everything is automated and easy to navigate. Hopefully as much so as uniswap is. Big inspiration there. Ok, lets make a farm shall we?

The first thing you need to do…

Mark - UniCrypt

Lead Developer at UniCrypt.

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