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2 min readApr 21, 2021


UniCrypt and Jigstack : The beginning of a new collaboration

Hey everyone!

After our last article summarizing our next steps, our short-term roadmap and much more, we are thrilled today to announce a new partnership.

UniCrypt 🤝 Jigstack

Positioned as a services provider on the crypto market, UniCrypt tool suite can serve and strengthen other projects.

Looking at the adoption rate of Unicrypt, we clearly see that we are growing organically (Tech > Hype) and becoming a reference in the DeFi space. This announcement comes as a natural next step to expand our footprint even further.

Jigstack’s flagship product, called Lemonade, provides an IDO solution enabling businesses to reach far beyond the usual uniswap crowd. Some could argue that this may enter a competition zone with our decentralized ILO platform.

In fact, Jigstack has its own way to launch projects that is different from ours, although their parameters and requirements have some similarities with Unicrypt ILOs.

This is a strategic partnership: we see this as an extension of our client base, while Jigstack will benefit from our tools.

🔒 Liquidity Lockers

Our very first product is at full speed and continues to grow. With $250M+ value locked and 3300+ projects using the service, Liquidity Lockers usage confirms that the feature is a must-have. Security is key.

Jigstack plans to launch new projects on the Ethereum blockchain and may well expand their reach to other blockchains: Unicrypt is ready with 4 blockchains and is eager to add more.

⏳ Token Vesting Options

In the next two weeks, our token vesting service will be deployed and available on the 4 blockchains we support (namely ETH, BSC, xDai and Matic). This service comes with unique features.

After reviewing Jigstack needs and requirements in this regard, we are happy to share that the product-market fit is excellent.

This means UniCrypt locking services will no longer be limited to liquidity providers (LP) tokens only.

And there we are: Projects launched through Lemonade will utilize both our token vesting and locker services.

Closing word

Our team is thrilled to officially onboard a new partner.

On top of this new partnership, we know that numerous projects from competitors’ launchpads are already ‘quietly’ using our services: this confirms that we are heading to right direction.

We would also like to sincerely thank Jigstack team. Awesome vibe there!

👀 Please make sure to check out JigStack announcement, coming with additional details 🔎

Anything you would like to ask the community, you know where to find us: 💬 Telegram |🐦Twitter |Medium|Website

Cheers everyone, and stay tuned!

Below, you will find the links to Jigstack !

Website | Twitter | Telegram Group | Telegram Channel | Linkedin | Github | Youtube



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