UniCrypt Rebrands to UNCX Network

UNCX Network
2 min readFeb 20, 2023


Dear UNCX (formerly UniCrypt) Community!

We are excited to release a new sleek, informative, and organized home website — check it out! ➡️ https://uncx.network ✨✨✨

Along with this change, we have officially rebranded from UniCrypt Network to UNCX Network. This change comes as we have been working behind the scenes on quite a few projects which will expand our portfolio.

The fact that it is essential to trademark your brand name as soon as possible is also a lesson we evidently learned along the way.

Our commitment to building secure infrastructure for DeFi stays the same and is even stronger than ever. We continue to develop and improve services that help make DeFi a more trustworthy place and we will continue to conceptualize innovative features.

This portfolio expansion comes as we wish to bear market proof ourselves and as we honestly just keep getting inspired by new ideas we have chosen to build.

Lately, we also have been expanding the team and are excited to be engaging more frequently with you guys over Twitter, podcasts, and Telegram.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

🐦 Twitter: UNCX_token

🖥️ Website: uncx.network | App

💬 Telegram: Main Channel | Announcements | 🤖 LP Locks

🥏Discord: UNCX Network



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