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3 min readJan 18, 2022


UniCrypt Network joins forces with CoinStats. Discount info here

Hello, UniCrypt community! Once more, the team wishes you the best for 2022 onwards. Today, we are revealing our partnership with CoinStats, a very well-known portfolio tracker app. Concrete details are ⏬!

What is CoinStats?

CoinStats was launched back in 2017 as a real-time cryptocurrency tracker meant to save time for millions of investors and traders. On CoinStats, you can connect your portfolio and track all your cryptocurrencies, set up alerts and notifications, and get full info on any coin you’re interested in.

Most importantly, you can now perform zero-fee transactions from their DeFi wallet of your very own. Of all portfolio managers on the market, CoinStats supports the most number of wallets and exchanges.

Currently, CoinStats has over 1.5 million active users. Over $500 billion worth of crypto is managed through the platform.

Why are we partnering together?

As you already know, partnerships can mean everything and nothing in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space. In our case, we do believe in technical collaborations, concrete mutual added value.

CoinStats and UniCrypt have been discussing behind the scenes for several months and figured we would mutually help each other’s userbases by offering additional reliable data on our respective platforms. Therefore, we sat down and started to work on our first implementation: 🔒Liquidity Lockers.

Are the features live already?

YES! No speculative announcement, we have completed our first mutual integrations already. Let’s have a look 👀 !

On the CoinStats desktop app, it is now possible to track liquidity locks for your favorite altcoins. Let’s take a concrete example with UNCX.

Once you opened the CoinStats link just above, you will be able to see each market where UNCX is traded. Among them, a PancakeSwap pool (UNCX/BNB) and a UniSwap pool (UNCX/ETH).

For each of these pools, the % of LP locked with UniCrypt LP Lockers is now displayed in real-time!

Users can now track UniCrypt LP locks from CoinStats in real-time

On the other hand, users can now access the CoinStats suite of tools directly from our desktop (mobile-friendly 😉) application.

From all tokens, pairs, and locks pages, you will be able to directly access CoinStats for further research and tracking. Screenshots! 🔽

Token pages — CoinStats button ✅
Liquidity lock pages — CoinStats buttons ✅

To celebrate this, CoinStats is offering a substantial promotion for our community members willing to subscribe to their Premium offer (TLDR: adapted for traders, we are ourselves using these features).

To activate the offer, please use this link! (and no, there is no referral bonus, remember our business model is sustainable 🚀)

Finally, it goes without saying this first implementation will lead to future additional collaborations and technical integrations. Stay tuned on that, our respective teams are already baking what’s next — No alpha leaks!

We are thrilled to get started with the CoinStats community, their members are most welcome to join our community and start digging into the ‘advanced’ DeFi mechanics.

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