UniCrypt — PancakeSwap V2

🔒 UniCrypt Lockers on PancakeSwap

✅ Lockers Status: Operational on V2

💱⌛ Locked Liquidity on PancakeSwap V1

420+ pairs are using our liquidity lockers at press time, for a total amount locked around $165M (NB: we deployed our services on BSC less than 2 months ago, the adoption rate of UniCrypt lockers is… simply insane!)

📫 Closing word

We have created the lockers concept in June 2020. This service with unique features was built with safety and flexibility in mind, thus allowing us to anticipate such migration events and implement enhancements when required.
Stay tuned for an official announcement as soon as we get closer to the implementation date, and have a wonderful week!



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UniCrypt Network

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