UniCrypt Network X Multichain

Tech > Hype — Glad to start this collaboration

Introduction — The ‘WHY ?’

The Multichain app bridge allows their users to bridge their tokens across multiple chains from a single UI (and even a single page!).

Well, this time is now OVER! All our community holders will be able to perform cross-chain actions directly from a single place: the Multichain app.

Thoughts — The ‘WHAT’S NEXT ?’

It is no longer a secret our team is working hard on building an innovative AMM (Decentralized Exchange) that will be available for several chains.

👊 However, Multichain has already been selected to allow AMM users to bridge their assets directly from our AMM interface.

Learn more about Multichain :

Multichain is the ultimate Router for web3. It is an infrastructure developed for arbitrary cross-chain interactions.



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