UniCrypt Network 🤝 Ash WSB | Everse Capital

Dear UniCrypt community,

We hope everyone is doing well!

Today, we’re very happy to officially reveal the latest additions to our current roster of advisors and partners.

The ‘WHY?’

While our ecosystem continues to grow (both from an adoption and tech standpoint), Unicrypt’s core team has been exploring new options to foster the adoption faster.

As you may have noticed, the recent AMA with MEXC along with the listing of $UNCX both are components of this organic (or, shall we say, step-by-step) acceleration.

Today is the day for us to share with our community the latest additions (and we believe you will enjoy it just like we do🎉)

The ‘WHO?’

This announcement covers 2 main pieces of news. Let’s dive in!

Part 1️⃣ — Ash WSB 🤝 UniCrypt Network

Soon after getting in touch with Ash through a Twitter introduction, we had the chance to interact and found out really outstanding synergies moving forward if we were to work together.

The genuine mutual interest between 2 parties of any collaboration can turn ‘small’ ideas into heavy successes. While our core team is known to remain humble, we can’t deny we are feeling proud to onboarding Ash alongside us as an official UniCrypt Network marketing & growth advisor.

🎉 Welcome to the UniCrypt family Ash WSB!

Part 2️⃣— Everse Capital 🤝 UniCrypt Network

For those who do not know Everse Capital, they’re known for being supportive and responsive early investors in many projects across the blockchain/crypto industry.

Everse Capital network of entrepreneurs is massive. The strategic partnership between Everse and UniCrypt will allow numerous projects & ecosystems to benefit from our suite of tools.

UniCrypt team will be available to provide Everse customers enhanced support as much as needed while ensuring these projects can empower themselves the best using Unicrypt tech. Win-win!

🎉 Welcome to UniCrypt Network, Everse Capital!

Closing thoughts

You’ve probably noticed this announcement does not come with ‘the usual devvy’ UniCrypt narrative as we’re discussing another set of growth angles here. We are very happy to onboard these new partners and we believe they will help the community to grow massively.

Related to Ash WSB onboarding, we will work together on how to break down UniCrypt's (as a ‘tech’ or ‘niche’ ecosystem) value proposition as one of our first collaboration step.

This will help our soon-to-be new community members to quickly and easily grasp the essential parts of Unicrypt ecosystem. It is no secret our UI comes with many pieces of information which could be confusing for new comers.

That being said, heads down to the next development/release! The links to access the related socials and websites are down below.

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