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3 min readMar 17, 2023
GeckoTerminal and UNCX Network

Dear UNCX ecosystem partners and customers,

While the current global banking system narrative is riddled with uncertainty. our team and objectives remain the same. In fact, transparency is becoming more important by the day.

🆕 Today, we are serving you a nice update relating to our liquidity lockers’ data accessibility. As the title of the article suggests, time to discuss our GeckoTerminal integration!

What is GeckoTerminal?

GeckoTerminal is primarily a charting tool that provides real-time statistics and price analysis across multiple blockchains and decentralized exchanges.

Users can learn about trends and gain up-to-date token/pool statistics in the market.

It is also worth noting that ‘Proof of Reserves’ can also be found on GeckoTerminal to track the centralized exchange’s holdings on-chain.

GeckoTerminal has been brought to the market by CoinGecko. Currently, their suite of tools is being used by over 5 million users on a monthly basis.

Why are we teaming up with GeckoTerminal?

As you already know, partnerships can mean everything and nothing in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space. In our case, we do believe in technical collaborations, and concrete mutual added value.

GeckoTerminal and UNCX Network will mutually help each other’s user bases by offering additional reliable data on our respective platforms. Therefore, we sat down and started to work on our first implementations:

  • Offering UNCX Network users direct access to GeckoTerminal from our suite of tools.
  • Offering GeckoTerminal users the opportunity to check if the DEX liquidity has been locked. (UniSwap, PancakeSwap and other supported protocols)

Is the integration on GeckoTerminal live?

Yes! Mutual integrations from both platforms have already been performed.

On the GeckoTerminal desktop app, it is now possible to track liquidity locks for your favorite altcoins. Let’s take a concrete example with our native utility token, $UNCX: Direct link.

Information about locks/unlocks in real time — Gecko Terminal UI

UNCX Network service users will benefit from this integration ➡️ getting increased exposure for their communities and a broader DeFi audience as they do due diligence and evaluate transparency & security measures put in place. Same comment for GeckoTerminal userbase!

It goes without saying that this first implementation will lead to future additional collaborations and technical integrations. Stay tuned on that, our respective teams are baking what’s next — No alpha leaks!

Final Thoughts

We are thrilled to get started with GeckoTerminal and their users — members are most welcome to join our community and start digging into advanced mechanics.

Let’s talk DeFi!

👊 The UNCX Network Team

🐦 Twitter: UNCX_token | GeckoTerminal

🖥️ Website: uncx.network | App | GeckoTerminal

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