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4 min readApr 3, 2024

In this article, we provide a detailed comparison between the old and new UI versions, highlighting the significant improvements and added functionality.

The Evolution of the Locker UI

The original Locker UI presented UX challenges in its integration into the main dashboard and ‘Services’ tab. Customer experiences often turned out to be less than perfect, sometimes overwhelming, particularly for newcomers to the platform.

The typical user path looked like this:

  • selecting the V2 liquidity locker
  • specifying the network and DEX
  • entering or selecting pair addresses and configuring lock parameters
  • retrieving locked liquidity

The revamped user interface introduces dedicated pages for each locker, separate from other services, providing a cleaner and more user-friendly design.

To lock liquidity, users simply select ‘V2 Liquidity’ from the left panel, connect their wallet and click on the ‘New Lock’ button/tab. They can then enter pool addresses, select pairs from an automated list or use the ‘By token pair’ search option for added convenience.

In addition, the inclusion of a ‘Create New Pool’ feature redirects users to selected exchanges, streamlining the process of adding liquidity. After selecting pairs and setting lock parameters, users can easily find their locked liquidity under the ‘Edit Lock’ tab.

Leading the way with V3 Lockers

While V3 Lockers have been phased out in the previous UI, the new UI introduces a frictionless locking experience for V3 Liquidity.

With just a few clicks, users can lock liquidity without the hassle of manual searches, and the ‘Revoke All’ button further enhances security by allowing direct revocation of contract approvals.

Streamlined Lock Editing and Exploration

The transformation extends to lock editing and exploration. The navigation for editing V2 liquidity in the old UI is contrasted with the streamlined approach of the new UI, where all the necessary functionality is neatly organized under the ‘Edit Lock’ tab.

In addition, exploration of liquidity locks has been greatly improved. Gone are the days of navigating through cluttered dropdowns and tabs; the new UI introduces an ‘Explore’ main page dedicated exclusively to locks, with user-friendly filters and a visually appealing layout to efficiently discover and manage locks.

A New Dawn for Liquidity Locking

The transition from the previous to the current user interface is more than a superficial change, but rather a step towards a more accessible, secure and efficient platform for liquidity providers.

The new user interface’s dedicated pages, streamlined lock flows and intuitive navigation mark a new chapter at UNCX, where managing liquidity locks is no longer a hassle, but seamlessly integrated into the decentralized financial experience.

The introduction of features such as ‘Create New Pool’ and the ‘Revoke All’ button further solidifies UNCX Network’s position as a leader in technological advancement within the DeFi ecosystem.

As we continue this remarkable transition, let’s take a look at the visual transition that highlights the evolution from the former to the current UI and offers a glimpse into the future of liquidity locking with UNCX Network.

V2 Locking Flow
V3 Locking Flow and Edit Page
Lock Explorer

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance!

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