UNCX — A new beginning

Hello Uniswappers!

This article will serve to inform the UniCrypt community of upcoming developments and where we are at right now with the project.

Currently, we are in a swapping process from UNC (the old token) to UNCX (the new token). If you hold UNC you can swap it to our new deflationary governance token at the following link: https://www.unicrypt.network/
If you are still seeing the old website refresh your page so it forces an update to the new page which should look like the image below

This swap portal will remain open indefinitely so you are free to swap when you please. However UNC will no longer be used in our upcoming products. UNCX is the new token we will be building on.

So what is UNCX?

Coin specs:

Max supply: 49,997 UNCX

Minting: No

Deflationary: Yes

UNCX is our core token to govern the project. It will also be bought back until 1 UNCX remains with fee’s collected from our products. As you may know our first product was a Proof Of Liquidity DAPP. By far the most used Liquidity locking dapp for uniswap. You can view it here: https://v2.unicrypt.network/

The dapp serves to prove to investors a token team has locked liquidity for a trading pair on uniswap. For example if you search for UNC you will see the following page

This page shows how many UNIv2 liquidity tokens have been locked and for how long as well as their current value in dollars.

We charge a 0.3% fee to tokens wishing to use this service. Something that goes into paying for ethereum nodes, server costs, and UNCX buy backs.

Another thing the browser does is it serves to show some market stats of any uniswap token such as its fully diluted market cap and daily volume. As you can see UNCX at the top is the new token, with UNC below it. And here you can see the effect of the swap with UNCX having a fully diluted mcap of 2 mil, and UNC a fully diluted mcap of 11,6 mil. This is one of the reasons for the swap, to give our community a better deal and to massively reduce the supply of the token — along with the latest governance features.

Our icons for UNCX will start showing on uniswap, trust wallet and other applications once we reach 500 UNCX holders, we are currently at 320 holders after the swap. This should happen within a few days.

Additionally, we have applied to blockfolio, coinmarketcap, coingecko and etherscan for updates to UNCX, feel free to request nicely that they add us as well on social media. Community interaction is an important factor in their decision-making process :)

And now some updates on where we are headed.

We are currently working on a new type of yield farming contract we feel is completely unique and could be a very powerful usecase for the project.
Initially, yield farming will only be on the UNCX-ETH pair on uniswap. You will have to provide liquidity to uniswap and stake it in our dapp to farm our upcoming token. Please stay tuned for more info on this, the platform is planned like our lockers to allow other tokens to use, and fees from it will be used to buy back and burn UNCX in random intervals.

Our upcoming yield farmable token will also have a use case in minting NFT’s — think meme. And is entirely focussed on uniswap. We are not trying to steal liquidity from uniswap here. Rather encourage it to remain on the best DeX we have ever seen — where it belongs.

Another product will be our lockers v2, which will allow locking of team tokens, and private investor tokens to prevent itchy fingers :) All visible within our browser.

We are also happy to announce we will be working closely with UniBot in future, two of the founders who are active members in UniCrypt, and look forward to expanding our services to other dimensions of blockchain that other tokens would like to offer their community such as a governance dapp.

As always, fee’s will be used to buy back and burn UNCX. Hopefully you get the idea here :) Services for other tokens, fees, decreasing UNCX supply.

Looking forward to continuing this journey with all of you wonderful people. Let's keep it positive and keep innovating. The market is currently in a quiet period as seen in this volume chart. This is a good time to keep building for the next cycle.

Feel free to reach out to us on telegram, we’d love to hear your suggestions and input. See you there!


Mark UNC



Multi-chain decentralized services provider — Built from the ground-up, permanently ignoring market conditions and delivering disruption.

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Multi-chain decentralized services provider — Built from the ground-up, permanently ignoring market conditions and delivering disruption.