UNC Swap End date | April 15th

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1 min readFeb 10, 2021


Hi all,

After discussing the UNC swap with our core team we have decided to announce April 15th 2021 as the final date to swap UNC (old token) to UNCX.

The swap has been active for many months now, and to prevent confusion going forward now that UNCX and UNCL will be available on multiple blockchains we are going to be ending the swap of UNC -> UNCX on April 15th, and requesting coingecko and cmc to remove it from their websites.

There are two options to convert your UNC to UNCX:

Swap portal:

Swaps 4000 UNC : 1 UNCX



Simply sell UNC for ETH and then buy UNCX with ETH. As market rates between the pairs change daily sometimes the Swap portal is more efficient, sometimes simply trading on Uniswap results in a better conversion rate. You will have to check before you plan to swap if trading results in a better rate than the swap rate of 4000 : 1.

On April 15th we will use the UNC reserves to swap out the remaining UNCX in the swap contract and burn that portion of UNCX, lowering our market cap and destroying those tokens forever. It will no longer be possible to swap UNC to UNCX after April 15th via the swap contract.

Please choose a gas efficient time to do the swap, and if Ethereum fees are starting to annoy you, stay tuned for our launch on xDai where you can perform multiple transactions for less than a cent.

Mark — Unicrypt



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