Transition of Utilities and Discontinuation of $UNCL

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2 min readSep 7, 2023
UNCX Network: Discontinuation of $UNCL token

Dear UNCX Network community,

As always, we hope this article finds you well!

Today, we’re announcing a significant shift in our ecosystem. Effective immediately, we are discontinuing our secondary token, $UNCL, and integrating its functions into our primary utility token, $UNCX.

Why are we discontinuing $UNCL?

When we launched $UNCL, the focus was account management and launchpad-related utilities. While 2021 saw promising engagement and utility, 2022 and 2023 marked a decline in $UNCL adoption. As a result, we suspended $UNCL rewards and have now chosen to discontinue it permanently.

️ For instance, it was possible to participate in the platform activities with a certain holding requirement, and later on by burning some tokens in order to participate).

️ We also took the direction of an inflationary token, rewarded to $UNCX stakers for more than a year at a pre-determined and controlled rate.

️ No capital raise was organized, and there were no external investors on $UNCL — the token was fully airdropped to $UNCX holders.

Transition to $UNCX

All functionalities and utilities of $UNCL, including existing services and upcoming features in our soon-to-be-released V7 of the ILO platform, will transition to $UNCX. Notably, tokens used for farm boosting will no longer be burnt but will serve other incentives. More details will be shared on the matter.

Next Steps for Token Holders

If you are a holder of $UNCL, you are now invited to swap them for $UNCX, having the below information in mind:

  1. No Deadline: The $UNCL to $UNCX swap on the ETH blockchain has no set deadline.
  2. Fixed Rate: The swap rate is 70 $UNCL = 1 $UNCX.
  3. Swap Procedure: Visit the specified webpage, connect your wallet, and perform the swap.
  4. No Airdrop: This is a straightforward swap. Be cautious of any misleading offers online.

To swap your tokens, please use this page:


We greatly appreciate our community's continued support as we make this transition. We are committed to making this process as seamless as possible and are excited about the new opportunities that $UNCX will bring.

The UNCX Network team.

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