The UNCX Farming & Staking Service is Mighty.

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2 min readMay 8, 2023

That’s right. We’ve got a fully modular farming & staking solution for you to reward your community with. Lots of flexibility and features that are not offered by alternative farming/staking solutions.

With other farms or staking platforms providers, users simply stake a token and receive a reward token. With the UNCX farms, farm creators are primarily setting up staking pools. This step allows them to set multiple parameters such as

  • Minimum/maximum amount of tokens needed to enter a pool
  • Custom staking periods with relative bonus rewards allocation
  • Possibility to set up different staking tiers with custom rewards.

Once the above is setup, farm creators can setup single or multiple reward pools, from which the tokens will be allocated to community stakers & farmers.

Rewards contained in each pool can be farmed in as many different tokens needed.

Communities can be enticed by allowing them to farm the token of your choice alongside usdc, wbnb, weth… or actually any ERC20. The way the reward emission works is the block reward is shared among all farmers & stakers relative to their staking weight. Stake more tokens or burn our UNCL utility token to increase your staking weight relatively to other participants.

Our users can create either:

  • A staking pool, with a single-sided token to be staked. (e.g. UNCX, DEXT, TOKENXYZ, etc.)
  • A farming pool, with a liquidity provider (LP) token, to be staked. (e.g. BNB/TOKEN XYZ)

Admin functions allow farm creators to top up rewards when they are nearly deplete, in order to extend the rewarding periods. It is also possible to customize your farm with your own brand assets. Increasing rewards from an existing reward pool without requiring any interaction from the stakers is supported as a feature.

Refer to our docs for a tutorial on how to create your own staking or farming rewards program!

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