SpaceMine presale

Hi all,

Recently Jon0x from SpaceMine approached me to see if they could connect their presale contract to our Proof of Liquidity lockers.

I would like to announce that I have done an audit of there presale contract and the presale contract only. You can find it at the current address:

Lines of interest:

UNICRYPT_DEPLOYER = 0x60e2E1b2a317EdfC870b6Fc6886F69083FB2099a;
address constant UNICRYPT_POL = 0x17e00383A843A9922bCA3B280C0ADE9f8BA48449

I can confirm that the UNICRYPT_DEPLOYER is an address I control and that the correct address for our pol contract has been supplied.

I spoke with Jon and mentioned it should never be such that they have custody of the liquidity until it has been locked. They have set up a locking period of 26 weeks.

The presale contract has a publicly callable liquidityGeneration function, which will lock liquidity on our lockers post presale. There is a fallback function which in case something should go wrong transfers the liquidity to an address I hold. So participants in this presale can be assured liquidity will be generated and locked for 26 weeks without the devs having custody of it after presale, although after the 26 weeks they will.

If you plan on participating in the presale please make sure you are sending eth to the address specified here as this is all that has been audited:

Finally, this is not an endorsement of the project, I simply and confirming liquidity will be locked post presale.

Have fun!

Mark — UNCX