September update : ILO, ENMT, NFT

ILO — Version 5️⃣ is now deployed (ETH, BSC)

  1. Contracts are now publicly available on the blockchains
  2. Captchas have been removed for now in relation to the above (no point having captchas if you can participate through a direct contract interaction)
  • Round 0 is now opened for up to 1/2 of the ILO hard cap (previously, UNCL allocations were up to 1/3 of the hard cap).
  • ⚠️ Major change: UNCL round 0 reservations :

🛠️ ENMT — Token minter fee model update

👀 NFTs… Did UniCrypt say NFT ? 👀

Closing thoughts and short-term roadmap

  1. UniSwap v3 liquidity lockers support (ETH Mainnet)
  2. Staking and farming options for the UniCrypt community as well as for other projects (as-a-service)
  3. Solana Liquidity Lockers
  4. A product we can not alpha-leak about yet 💣. Keep your eyes open.



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