September update : ILO, ENMT, NFT

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3 min readSep 20, 2021


Hey everyone!

It’s time to update our community with the latest news. We’re currently working on multiple fronts and we hope you will appreciate this article. Enjoy!

ILO — Version 5️⃣ is now deployed (ETH, BSC)

UniCrypt has always had the community in mind with our on-chain decentralized launchpad. As we continue to develop and evolve with the market, changes were desired to mitigate the negative impact of automated systems and methods to bypass UniCrypt’s launch features.

Various anti-bot measures were tried in our v3 and v4 contracts that did not result in the intended outcome. Based on community feedback, we feel that removing these anti-bot measures provides the fairest way for all of the UniCrypt community to participate in ILOs.

ILO version 5 will be in place until a new, unbreakable anti-bot method can be developed and thoroughly tested. We hear the community and the issues at hand. UniCrypt does not want to alienate anybody from purchasing a presale while potentially providing an advantage to another.

The v5 contract will provide the fairest opportunity for the community to purchase Initial liquidity Offerings. Below, the concrete changes & enhancements :

  1. Contracts are now publicly available on the blockchains
  2. Captchas have been removed for now in relation to the above (no point having captchas if you can participate through a direct contract interaction)

3. Round 0️⃣ has been highly appreciated by the community. We have enhanced the mechanics :

  • Round 0 is now opened for up to 1/2 of the ILO hard cap (previously, UNCL allocations were up to 1/3 of the hard cap).
  • ⚠️ Major change: UNCL round 0 reservations :

In the previous versions, the 2 UNCL required to reserve a spot were burnt in case of a successful ILO and fully withdrawable in case of a failed ILO.

With ILO V5, 25% of UNCL required to reserve a spot will be burnt in case of a failed ILO (0.5 UNCL burnt if the ILO fails and 1.5 UNCL withdrawable, 2 UNCL burnt of the ILO is a success)

This is to prevent people from booking spots without doing research as well as potential malicious actors using the round 0 reservations for ‘false hyping’ purposes.
📊 Quick stat : So far 3,500 UNCL (approximately $120k) were burnt using the round 0 utility. UNCL is getting scarcer, and this v5 update will most likely accelerate this process.

🛠️ ENMT — Token minter fee model update

Our ENMT service (token minting service, ENMT standing for ERC-compliant non-mintable token) has now been deployed for slightly less than 4 months.

With the other UniCrypt core team members, we want to help and push for the adoption of these gas-optimized and pre-audited token contracts. Our idea is to make these contracts more accessible :

Previous fee model: Flat fee + 0.2% of the total (max) supply

🆕 Fee model: NO FLAT FEE + 0.3% of the total (max) supply 🆕

These modifications have been applied to ETH Mainnet, Binance Smart chain, and also Kovan Testnet to simplify developer tests for our different services.

👀 NFTs… Did UniCrypt say NFT ? 👀

Ha! You’re right, we said it.

Within the next few days, we will announce a partnership with an NFT-based gaming company. NFT drop and a very rare NFT auction are around the corner. You definitely want to stay tuned! Details are coming this week.

Closing thoughts and short-term roadmap

First, we would like to thank you for reading this update. We’re very happy about letting you know the latest changes. Now, our technical focus is shifting to other services, please find the list below :

  1. UniSwap v3 liquidity lockers support (ETH Mainnet)
  2. Staking and farming options for the UniCrypt community as well as for other projects (as-a-service)
  3. Solana Liquidity Lockers
  4. A product we can not alpha-leak about yet 💣. Keep your eyes open.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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