Presenting TaxToken, our new minter backed by Lossless (ENMT v2)

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3 min readJan 26, 2023


We are excited to announce the release of TaxToken (ENMT v2) featuring AntiBot and a Lossless integration. This new minter creates fully customizable ERC20 tokens and gives launchers full control over their lifecycle. Let’s explore this release in detail.

Our new minter, TaxToken

TaxToken is an extension of our original token minter (ENMT). Its focus is primarily taxes and has updateable settings, tax wallets, the ability to update the taxed liquidity pairs, as well as the possibility to select and update the exchange used for buyback and LP taxes.

TaxToken utilizes a diamond like contract to add a large amount of functionality without breaking the solidity compile size limit.

Features include:

  • Ability to lock functions without renouncing the contract
  • LP tax function
  • Mint/pause/blacklist functions available
  • Fully adjustable taxation (up to 30%)
  • Buyback and reflection options
  • AntiBot included
  • Optional Lossless function
  • Mint to multiple chains
  • Admin panel for post launch edits
  • Fully ERC20 compliant
  • Native integration to all UniCrypt services

Featuring AntiBot

The UniCrypt AntiBot is the market’s most innovative sniping bot protection solution. It stops bots from sniping initial blocks after a token gets launched to market. It also allows you to whitelist specific wallets for trading in the first hours after launch. This prevents people from using their bots to buy in and negatively affect your chart.

Lossless Integration

Provide peace of mind to your investors with our built-in optional Lossless integration. Lossless is a DeFi hack mitigation protocol and allows users to report suspicious contracts and it retrieves funds when malicious activity is found. The protocol implements an additional layer of blockchain transaction security for ERC20 tokens, mitigating the financial impact of smart contract exploits and private key theft.

They utilize community-driven threat identification tools and a unique stake-based reporting system to report suspicious transactions. They allow the community to identify threats and report them. If the report passes, Lossless initiates recovery and the total of tokens get retrieved from the malicious address.

How to report a token with our Lossless integration:

➡️ When you suspect something suspicious, simply make a report and stake some $LSS on it.

➡️ Once a report gets generated, any user can stake some $LSS tokens on it. This is so that users can help analyze if the report is valid. The staking also helps draw more attention to the report.

➡️ Next, 3 entities will vote on the report: the token owner, Lossless, and the committee. These three will collectively cast one majority vote.

➡️ If the report passes, Lossless initiates recovery and the stakers retrieve their $LSS and their share of reward.

* Note that only the address that reported the fraud can propose the wallet for token retrieval.

➡️ Once proposed, there is a period where the wallet can be disputed by one of the three voting groups. If no one disputes the wallet in this period, the funds can be retreived.

What does fund recovery look like?

  • All tokens get retrieved from the malicious address and are sent to the Lossless controller who is in charge of rerouting them.
  • A 2nd transaction goes to the staking contract, where a certain reward amount gets distributed among all the users that staked on the token.
  • A 3rd transaction goes to the reporting contract, that is the reward for the reporter.
  • One last transaction moves the rest of the funds to the governance contract. Here the reporter will be able to propose a wallet to retrieve the stolen funds. 2% are dedicated as reward to the committee and there is a 1% lossless fee.



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