Kryxivia Incubated ILO participation & token withdrawals

UniCrypt Network X Kryxivia

What are the ILO rounds?

Kryxivia incubated ILO, listed here, will be divided into 3 rounds, like any other crowdfunding sale taking place on UniCrypt.

What is the vesting for participants?

People that participate in the ILO will be allocated 25% of their purchased KXA tokens at the TGE and will be required to claim them from the Kryxivia ILO page.

How to withdraw KXA tokens from your account page?

Open this page and connect your wallet. Ensure you hold BNB to afford the transaction gas. A social profile is not needed to claim your tokens, feel free to create one.

List of vested tokens
  1. Status of your lock (Locked/Unlocked)
  2. Locking type (simple/linear)
  3. Filters (allows to show locked, unlocked, and withdrawn past locks
  4. The wheel allows you to interact with the lock (withdrawal!)
Do not use other functions if you do not understand them. More info on



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