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Hello everyone! This article explains how to participate in our upcoming incubated launch, namely Kryxivia (Token ticker: KXA), and how to claim purchased tokens.

UniCrypt Network X Kryxivia

About Kryxivia: Website | Twitter | Telegram

UniCrypt Network strongly recommends checking their upcoming releases and products! The ILO platform will be the one launching the token on the market (PancakeSwap)

What are the ILO rounds?

Kryxivia incubated ILO, listed here, will be divided into 3 rounds, like any other crowdfunding sale taking place on UniCrypt.

Round 0️⃣

Round 0 will start on block 13140376, which is roughly on Dec 2nd at 14:00 UTC. You can see the exact countdown from BSC Scan here.

ℹ ️Be sure to check it out on a regular basis, block times on Binance Smart Chain may sometimes be delayed.

During round 0, people willing to participate can purchase a guaranteed allocation spot by burning 6 UNCL tokens. PancakeSwap UNCL pool link is here.

▶️120 guaranteed spots will be available for UNCL reservations, and it’s a first-come-first-serve model to purchase.

▶️ 60 ️️guaranteed allocations spots are reserved for the whitelisted participants, this is handled by the Kryxivia team. Check out their contest here!

▶️Each wallet can not purchase more than 1 spot, and each spot offers an allocation of 0.83 BNB (maximum allocation per user). Vesting rules for ILO participants are detailed later in this article.

▶️⚠️ We are aware that there is a lot of attention around our incubated launches. Please make sure not to interact directly with the ILO contracts if you’re not an expert user. No refunds will occur.

Once a spot has been successfully purchased or allocated through the whitelist feature, participants will need to deposit their BNB participation ️⚠ BEFORE ROUND 1 STARTS. Otherwise, the spot will not be guaranteed anymore and, therefore available for future rounds participants.

To deposit your BNB participation during round 0 (UNCL spots and whitelisted users), open the ILO page, connect your wallet, and spend your allowance (max 0.83 BNB, anything above is immediately sent back to your wallet)

ℹ ️We highly recommend depositing your BNB participation as soon as possible once Round 0 has started to ensure you are not missing your allocation.

Round 1️⃣

Kryxivia ILO round 1 will start on Dec 3rd, at 18:00 UTC.

This round is open for UniCrypt holders (to be eligible to participate, your wallet needs to either hold 3 UNCX or hold 50 UNCL). For those that aren’t familiar with the platform, we recommend reading this FAQ.

Among the holders, it is a first-come-first-serve model and therefore some may expect high gas transactions. The steps are the following :

▶️Hold 3 UNCX or 50 UNCL in the wallet you’re willing to use to purchase Kryxivia tokens.

▶️Ensure you also hold BNB, to afford the gas and the participation (max. 0.83BNB participation per wallet)

▶️Connect your wallet to the ILO page:

▶️Participate once round 1 opens.

▶️Vesting rules for ILO participants are detailed later in this article.

⚠️ We are aware that there is a lot of attention around our incubated launches. Please make sure not to interact directly with the ILO contracts if you’re not an expert user. No refunds will occur.

Round 2️⃣

Round 2 is opened 2 hours after round 1, if the hard cap is not met, and is opened for everyone (non-holders).

Let’s be honest, no need to explain how it works, this incubated launch will not hit round 2 and the ILO will last way less than 2 hours.

What is the vesting for participants?

People that participate in the ILO will be allocated 25% of their purchased KXA tokens at the TGE and will be required to claim them from the Kryxivia ILO page.

The remaining 75% will be linearly unlocked (you can claim the unlocked portion at any block) over the next 3 months (from TGE to 3 months after, likely around March 3rd, 2022).

⭐Each UniCrypt ILO participant will be able to claim/withdraw tokens from the ILO page, or from their account page.

⭐⭐Each EnjinStarter and BullPerks Kryxivia IDO participant will be able to claim their TGE and vested tokens from their account page. The vesting parameters are common between the launchpads.

How to withdraw KXA tokens from your account page?

Open this page and connect your wallet. Ensure you hold BNB to afford the transaction gas. A social profile is not needed to claim your tokens, feel free to create one.

Once connected, you should see your vested tokens (e.g. UNCX, in our example below)

List of vested tokens

Please click on the locked token (in your case, KXA), and you should see your ongoing vesting schedules.

In the above,

  1. Status of your lock (Locked/Unlocked)
  2. Locking type (simple/linear)
  3. Filters (allows to show locked, unlocked, and withdrawn past locks
  4. The wheel allows you to interact with the lock (withdrawal!)

Once you have clicked on the wheel, you can click withdraw, and select the amount you want to withdraw from the tokens that are available for withdrawal.

Do not use other functions if you do not understand them. More info on

Please make sure to let us know if you experience any trouble, our team is also always open for feedback.

UniCrypt Network community links: Twitter | Telegram | Web app



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