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3 min readJun 22, 2023


We are excited to unveil our news update to our trusted liquidity lockers. That includes a new sleek UI dedicated entirely to the lockers, UniSwap v3 and PancakeSwap v3 liquidity locking support and a series of flexible new features.

We have now separated the locker service onto its own UI to improve the experience of those looking for liquidity locker data and to reflect the growth of our locking service offering.

Check it out ➡️

New Features Include:

Locking — Allows a token developer / liquidity provider to lock their UniSwap V3 NFT position for a predetermined/immutable period of time.

Withdraw — Allows a token developer / liquidity provider to withdraw their locked liquidity position (NFT for UniSwap V3).

Migrate — UNCX Network, based on market demands and underneath protocol changes (e.g. UniSwap V3 migrating to V4 later on) can plug migration functions allowing our liquidity locking users to migrate to the newest protocols available. Migrations are subject to security assessments (‘audits’) and can only be activated by lock owners (as per their needs). Lock parameters remain unchanged and immutable.

Relock — Allows a token developer / liquidity provider to extend the duration of their initial liquidity lock.

Transfer of Ownership — Allows token developers / liquidity providers to transfer the ownership of their liquidity lock. By doing so, the new owner will be able to interact with the functions related to the lock.

Accept Ownership — When a lock ownership is transferred, the new ownership receiver has to accept the request for the lock, in order for the lock to be transferred. This function is to mitigate the risk of transferring ownership to the wrong addresses by mistake (e.g. burn address).

Decrease Liquidity — Once the liquidity lock has expired, it is possible for the owner to decrease the liquidity. It is a partial withdrawal, which is very useful when the user is willing to relock a remaining portion of the expiring lock after decreasing it. This function also saves the user gas fees because withdrawing, removing, and then creating a new lock is much more expensive gas wise than just decreasing liquidity and relocking.

Increase Liquidity — Allows a liquidity lock user to add liquidity to a lock in order to increase the existing position with the same locking parameters.

Pay attention, the following new features are what substantially separates our locker service from what is currently available in the market:

🔥 (UNIQUE) — Collect: Allows our liquidity lock owners to collect the fees that are generated from the trades taking place in the liquidity pool. The initial liquidity remains locked. Trading fees can be collected, as per UniSwap V3 standards.

🔥 (UNIQUE) — Additional Collector: Allows our liquidity locking users to delegate the collection of trading fees to another address of their own (allows the automation of the fees collection using a smart contract, bot…). UNCX Network recommends checking for automation using Gelato Network.

🔥 (UNIQUE) — Full Range Liquidity Protection: When locking with UNCX Network, full range liquidity is enforced (more information about that on UniSwap V3 official documentation). TLDR, it protects the pool traders from trading an asset inside a pre-defined range that could lead to stuck tokens after a purchase from an investor.

🔥 (UNIQUE) — Locker Data Discovery Browser: Have your locker data information exposed on the first & only Uniswap V3 locker browser. Our new investor friendly locker interface showcases all UNCX Uniswap V2 and V3 locks with lots of filtering options. Investors can easily discover or research projects here. Information displayed includes the USD value of the lock and the tokens represented by the position.

*Please note that there are some functions and features, such as improved filtering, that are still in the pipeline and will be pushed shortly. We will be providing timely updates to our community whenever an item gets added.

Stay tuned for an article where we explain in a simplified way the new concepts to learn regarding UniSwap v3 liquidity locking! In the meantime please read up on concentrated liquidity and range concepts in UniSwap v3 here.

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