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2 min readMar 6, 2024

Introducing the UNCX Info Bot to help you nurture your relationship with your community! As you know, we provide secure tools to help you launch your community and build their trust & loyalty. We’ve created this bot to help our users maximize these efforts by sharing and amplifying important lock, vesting and farm information.

Bot Specifications:

  • Users can set up 1 token per group/channel.
  • Tracks all locks, relocks, vesting, and farms set up for the token using UNCX Network.
  • Allows users to fetch lock, vesting, farm and information about the project on-demand.
  • Supports all chains where UNCX services are available.
  • Tracks new vesting instances and relocks.
  • Tracks the APY of your farms directly in the TG group/channel and posts periodic updates.
  • Tracks new reward pools and farm top-ups.

Admin Commands:

You’ve invested in a quality locker to secure your community’s funds or have chosen to incentivize them with a rewards program, remind them of this as much as possible! Send your community live & reliable updates of the work you are doing for them.

/uncxset [chain] [tokenaddress] - Set the bot to listen to events for a 
specific token on a chain.

/uncxdelete - Stop listening to the specific token address events related to
UNCX tech.
/uncxautoupdates [service] [on/off] - Toggle automatic updates.

Services: locks, vesting, farms.
Example of the bot pulling up the $UNCX lock information.

User Commands:

You’ve just entered a token’s Telegram chat and you want some quick updates on very important details such as whether they have a good liquidity lock in place? Use these commands to instantly pull up real-time data.

/uncxinfo - Get comprehensive information about a token's services.
/uncxlocks - Details about the liquidity locks of a token.
/uncxvesting - Information about token vesting.
/uncxfarm - Information about farms for a token address.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance!

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