Introducing presale audits

Layer two security

We are excited to announce the Unicrypt presale dapp has just been updated to include a new auditing feature. It will now be possible to see at a glance if a tokens contract has passed a human audit, to ensure it has no exploits or devious code such as:

  • blacklisting users spending their tokens
  • proxies
  • code which may result in tokens getting stuck in the contract
  • other dangerous code

This is great for developers

Fine-tuning a presale beforehand and addressing as many concerns as possible will go a long way to ensuring the presale is a success, likely resulting in a presale that sells out within minutes, and which has instant demand once listed on an exchange. This is the exact outcome new tokens should aim for.

Example VERIFIED screen with accompanying audit details
Example FLAGGED token with accompanying audit details

Who can audit on the platform?

This is a feature that can easily be abused, and for this reason, only whitelisted auditors can use this feature. We are in communication with some familiar and well-respected auditors in the space and will be adding more trusted auditors to the platform in the coming weeks.

Audit fields

  • MINOR WARNING — Small vulnerabilities worth mentioning
  • HIGH RISK — Multiple red flags and considerable risk

The human layer

Audits are a much-needed aspect to ensure safety in DeFi. This aspect can never be automated due to the amount of money at stake, and due to the many devious ways a developer can code a contract. As a developer, I hope you take my word for it when I say there are many ways to add in malicious code that wouldn't be caught by an automated audit. By adding human audits right into the platform I believe we will encourage better practices on a decentralised presale platform, while still allowing developers the freedom to raise funds for a totally unique token that is free to be whatever it needs to be.

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