ILO August Update — It’s time for Round 0!

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4 min readAug 25, 2021


Time for round 0

Hello, awesome community!

Many of you were surprised to see our new ILO round 0, which was implemented late last night (CET) on Tuesday, August 24th.

We hope this didn’t prevent you from participating in your favorite presale (or shall we say, Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)!)

Why did we implement a change?

As always, though we never give any ETA nor too many details about upcoming features, we do listen to you, our community, and believe it was required to:

👐 Maximize your chances to participate in a hyped ILO

⛏️ Increase UNCL token scarcity while enhancing its utility

🤖❌ Add anti-bot mechanics to prevent automated (namely bots) participations

What has changed?

✔️ We have added a new round, called “Round 0”, which allows you to reserve a slot before round 1 starts by burning 🔥 2 UNCL.

Below, you will find the updated steps & round for Unicrypt ILOs.

  • Stage 1 ✨: ILO Creation by the project developer, the project owner.
  • Stage 2 — Round 0️⃣:

Round 0 starts right after the ILO creation and will last until the start date of the ILO that is decided by the project developer. (ILO start date is the one displayed on the ILO browser and page)

➡️Up to 1/3 of the ILO hard cap can be reserved by round 0 participants.

➡️If round 0 does not get fully filled, non-reserved tokens are available for round 1 participants.

Requirements to participate during Round 0 are detailed below in the article.

  • Stage 3 — Round 1️⃣:

To be eligible to enter, you either need to hold 50 UNCL or 3 UNCX in the wallet you want to participate with. in other words, the Round 1 mechanics remain the same as before.

  • Stage 4 — Round 2️⃣:

If an ILO does not get fully filled during round 0 and round 1, the ILO is opened for ANY participants. Round 2 doesn’t have a whitelist feature available anymore, everyone is able to enter.

A new type of ILO will see the the whitelist feature being re-implemented in the near future, be ready!).

✔️ ️Additionally, developers/owners can now themselves cancel their ILO in case of an issue.

✔️ And finally, an anti-bot mechanism was implemented: no further information will be shared on how it works.

The idea is to prevent people from ‘playing’ the system and ensure a fair participation chance for anyone joining the ILO, using the user interface.

What are the requirements to participate in Round 0?

The ILO you want to participate in needs to be created after the change was implemented (start date of ILO is irrelevant) and should have the UNCX & UNCL clickable logo as pictured below to identify them easily :

Round 0 eligible ILO

2. You need to click the UNCX/UNCL logo (see above) or the “reserve your spot with 2 UNCL” button (see below, this button is visible from the ILO page) to send your 2 UNCL and your contributions (BNB, ETH, etc.)

Clicking this button will allow you to reserve a spot

⚠️️️️️️ Attention, please!

If you reserve a spot by using UNCL tokens (that are burnt in case of a successful ILO), you still need to participate with BNB/ETH (your ILO contribution).

A Round 0 spot is reserved for you ONLY until round 1 starts! This means you’re required to send your contribution before round 1 starts, otherwise, the allocation isn’t guaranteed anymore, and the UNCL may be burnt in case the ILO is successful.

💡 The best practice is to reserve a spot and send the contribution right away.

💡💡 If the project (ILO) owner has a
last-minute change of plans and changes the start date of the round 1, you may lose your reservation (and therefore the 2 UNCL spent in case the ILO is successful)

💡💡💡 This is why we’ve added this message :

⚠ Be careful to send your UNCL and ILO contribution ⚠

3. The 2 UNCL tokens are burned IF the ILO is successful, otherwise, they are withdrawable if the ILO fails: 1 button, 1 transaction to withdraw your original investment in BNB/ETH and UNCL.

You do not need to hold UNCX/UNCL to participate to round 0 apart from the 2 UNCL sent to reserve a spot.

What’s coming next with Unicrypt?

👂⛏️ We do listen to you and will fine-tune as required, should we see any possible improvement of this new feature.

🎉 You can also expect another ILO type soon, we’re happy to please start-ups, projects and developers using the suite of tools. All of them!

🔐 The team is now working on Uniswap V3 liquidity locking and v2 to v3 migration tool. We’re also building a Uniswap V3 browser!

🌱2️⃣ As per the plan, later this year our staking contract and farms v2 will be released, while we expand our services to more blockchains.

🔥💱 Last but not least, we’re currently onboarding a new advisor, and we’re also about to get listed on a new exchange … I’m sure you already which one we’re talking about! 👀 Sit tight!



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