How to lock your tokens liquidity (for token developers)

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3 min readJul 22, 2020

⚠️ ️ This is a DEPRECATED article. If you’re willing to lock either LP tokens or part of your supply, please refer to the app & updated documentation



Hi there

Due to interest from tokens using our POL DAPP we have decided to make an easy article that will show you the simple steps to lock your tokens liquidity and gain a trust score on the Unicrypt browser. This should take no longer than 5 minutes (mostly awaiting ethereum to confirm two transactions).

For now we also recommend doing this on desktop and using metamask.

You can also use coinbase on the mainnet (but metamask works on both ropsten and mainnet — great for testing!).

Let us begin.

Go to

On the Unicrypt website, connect to your metamask wallet. Use the account that DEPOSITED the liquidity for your token onto uniswap. This is the account that will hold the UNI-V2 liquidity tokens.
Once you are connected to metamask you will see your balance of ETH. Make sure you have some ETH to sign the transactions for the POL dapp.
Now search for your uniswap pairing using the explorer, if you cannot find your pair, click the ‘Add uniswap pair’ button
To find your pair address, go to uniswap and navigate to the pool of your token (usually you’ll be on the ETH pool), your pair address can be found in the URL, or at the bottom of the page. Copy this address
Now paste it here and click add pair, our API checks that the address corresponds to a valid uniswap pair, so if you get an error message, ensure your using the correct address.
You can now head back to the ‘Pairs’ list and search for your token, once you find it click the ‘Lock Liquidity’ button.
Click either of these buttons to be taken to the POL dapp and lock your liquidity
The green arrow above will show your balance of UNI-V2 liquidity tokens. If it is 0, your currently connected account holds zero balance in the pool, please switch your metamask account to the address that deposited liquidity on uniswap. Finally, choose an amount to lock, set an unlock date, for testing you can set a date in the past and it will allow you to instantly withdraw your tokens, once your happy you can commit higher amounts. Click approve, wait for the pending transaction to acquire 2 confirmations, then Hit ‘Lock’. Thats it! Your done

Please lock liquidity for time periods greater than 6 months, this will give you a higher trust score, with periods greater than a year giving you the maximal trust score for the amount deposited. Once the timers have elapsed you can withdraw your liquidity. We strongly recommend locking tokens for at least a year to give community trust in your project.

Be careful when selecting an unlock date, for everyone's safety this, of course, cannot be changed.

Below is how you will withdraw your tokens once the unlock date has passed. Only the address that locked the liquidity can withdraw it (msg.sender). So hang on to your wallets!

This is what your withdrawal page might look like. As you can see we have 468 UNI-V2 in the locker, currently 0 are withdrawable and the next unlock is in 4 hours for this test token.

Immediately after the lock is confirmed your Trust Score will be updated on our browser and we will tweet and tag your token as having proven their liquidity is locked. Way to go!

If you need further assistance please reach out to us on Telegram or send me (Mark) an email at

Thanks! And best of luck with your new project!

Mark — Unc Team



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