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Decentralization is core to the UNCX ethos and to help completely decentralize our applications, we have begun the work to upgrade our data layer with subgraphs on The Graph Network. We have also been awarded a grant in GRT tokens for our innovative use of subgraphs.

➡️ The Graph is a Distributed Network of open APIs indexing and organizing decentralized data to make it easily queryable for applications.

What Are Subgraphs?

In The Graph ecosystem, a subgraph is essentially a tailored search engine for blockchain data. It enables developers to define what specific data they want, how to collect it, and how to display it. Subgraphs make data retrieval efficient and targeted, making it as simple as using a traditional search engine.

Accessibility for Third Parties

Most importantly, these subgraphs serve a purpose beyond UNCX Network’s internal use.

Third-party developers will also have access to these subgraphs for seamless integration when looking to display or use data from UNCX’s ecosystem of services. With this migration, we aim to create easier access to our data and greater transparency.

UNCX Subgraph Curation

We plan to use the grant in GRT tokens to support our own subgraph curation. It is important for subgraphs to be curated in order to ensure that Indexers begin indexing and serving queries on them.

What is subgraph curation? Curators use their knowledge of the Web3 ecosystem to assess and signal the subgraphs that should be indexed by The Graph Network. The Graph rewards Curators who signal on good quality subgraphs with a share of the query fees that the subgraph generates. Indexers and Curators are key to The Graph Network.

➡️ We invite our community to join us in curating the UNCX Network subgraphs. To participate, you must Curate the subgraph using GRT. In exchange for curating the subgraph, you will receive a percentage of all future queries made to the subgraph.

More information on curation can be found here: https://thegraph.com/docs/en/network/curating/. We will be posting a detailed guide on how to help curate our subgraphs shortly.

Services Utilizing Subgraphs

We plan to deploy a minimum of 16 subgraphs to support our core services which include:
- Liquidity Lockers V3 (compatible with UniSwap V3 and forks)
- Liquidity Lockers V2 (compatible with UniSwap V2 and forks)
- Token Minting Factory Smart Contracts
- Staking and Farming Smart Contracts
- Token Vesting Smart Contracts

These subgraphs will be rolled out across different blockchain layers like the ETH Mainnet, BNB Chain, Arbitrum One, and Polygon to make the ecosystem more robust. We will be making timely announcements as we deploy.

Our subgraphs that are currently live: UNCX Lockers V3, UNCX Lockers V3 on Polygon, & UNCX Lockers V3 on Arbitrum.

Explore The UNCX Subgraphs!

For those interested in exploring UNCX’s use of subgraphs, a direct link to the subgraph explorer is available: UNCX Subgraph Explorer.

Get Started!

We have made available a documentation portal that includes everything you need to get started to use our subgraphs. We will maintain & expand it as our library grows. Direct link here.

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