Dear UniCrypt community,

We hope everyone is doing well!

Today, we’re very happy to officially reveal the latest additions to our current roster of advisors and partners.

The ‘WHY?’

While our ecosystem continues to grow (both from an adoption and tech standpoint), Unicrypt’s core team has been exploring new options to foster the adoption faster.

As you may have noticed, the recent AMA with MEXC along with the listing of $UNCX both are components of this organic (or, shall we say, step-by-step) acceleration.

Today is the day for us to share with our community the latest additions (and we believe you will…

Time for round 0

Hello, awesome community!

Many of you were surprised to see our new ILO round 0, which was implemented late last night (CET) on Tuesday, August 24th.

We hope this didn’t prevent you from participating in your favorite presale (or shall we say, Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)!)

Why did we implement a change?

As always, though we never give any ETA nor too many details about upcoming features, we do listen to you, our community, and believe it was required to:

👐 Maximize your chances to participate in a hyped ILO

⛏️ Increase UNCL token scarcity while enhancing its utility

🤖❌ Add anti-bot mechanics to prevent automated…

Hey everyone!

It’s time for a little update.

In this article, you will find information related to farms being renewed on our main pairs and about an update of the ILO Requirements both on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

In case you missed our previous roadmap update, we recommend this article. Our token vesting service feature is nearly ready to be deployed.

🌱 Farms Renewals and Rewards

After 6 months of yield farming, UNCL’s first farms just came to an end. However, we are pleased to announce that some new farms are going to be activated on the Ethereum blockchain.

These farms will be the…

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re doing well!

In this article, you will find a summary of our position regarding the migration of PancakeSwap towards its V2 and the impact on our products and on UniCrypt’s roadmap.

🔒 UniCrypt Lockers on PancakeSwap

✅ Lockers Status: Operational on V2

Projects that are willing to lock their V2 PancakeSwap LP tokens can now do it. We have deployed an update on April 25th allowing token developers to use the lockers on PancakeSwap V2 pairs. Direct link to access the lockers here.

✅ Launching ILOs with Locked Liquidity: Operational on V2

We have pushed an update on April 25th…

UniCrypt and Jigstack : The beginning of a new collaboration

Hey everyone!

After our last article summarizing our next steps, our short-term roadmap and much more, we are thrilled today to announce a new partnership.

UniCrypt 🤝 Jigstack

Positioned as a services provider on the crypto market, UniCrypt tool suite can serve and strengthen other projects.

Looking at the adoption rate of Unicrypt, we clearly see that we are growing organically (Tech > Hype) and becoming a reference in the DeFi space. This announcement comes as a natural next step to expand our footprint even further.

Jigstack’s flagship product, called Lemonade, provides an IDO solution enabling businesses to reach far beyond the usual…

Hey everyone,

This article comes within a very interesting timing, doesn’t it?

This week, the UNC Swap started in November 2020 has officially come to an end (April 15th). This step is capital to finally move forward with our ecosystem from our former deprecated token (UNC) to UNCX.

During these 6 months, the transition occurred very smoothly.

We are very thankful for the engagement coming from the community during this phase. Helping people on the chats, linking documentation… Awesome vibe 💯!

What to expect from a short-term development perspective?

Currently, we are fine-tuning our next capability, which will obviously be available as a service! …

Hi all,

After discussing the UNC swap with our core team we have decided to announce April 15th 2021 as the final date to swap UNC (old token) to UNCX.

The swap has been active for many months now, and to prevent confusion going forward now that UNCX and UNCL will be available on multiple blockchains we are going to be ending the swap of UNC -> UNCX on April 15th, and requesting coingecko and cmc to remove it from their websites.

There are two options to convert your UNC to UNCX:

Swap portal:

Swaps 4000 UNC : 1 UNCX



Layer two security

We are excited to announce the Unicrypt presale dapp has just been updated to include a new auditing feature. It will now be possible to see at a glance if a tokens contract has passed a human audit, to ensure it has no exploits or devious code such as:

  • minting
  • blacklisting users spending their tokens
  • proxies
  • code which may result in tokens getting stuck in the contract
  • other dangerous code

The idea behind this feature is to help investors identify high-risk tokens. This will also encourage developers to have their contracts audited before a presale on the Unicrypt platform and…

Unicrypt decentralised presales are finally here. After successfully completing our audit with chainsulting, we are ready to move onto mainnet release. We are super excited to have finally bridged presales, market initialisation and liquidity locking on the #1 uniswap liquidity locking platform.


Before we go further its worth mentioning the risks involved in decentralised presales. We believe in creating free tech, that anyone can use for their project. Much like uniswap or our lockers where anyone can list their tokens, our presale platform allows any token to list a presale. This means we have no say in which tokens use…

Hi All,

This is a quick article to keep you all up to date on whats happening this week and the Dext farm.

This weekend our partner DEXT set up a farming pool on our farming dapp, which unfortunately does not work due to certain code in the ‘transfer’ function of their native token. If you are currently farming on the DEXT-ETH pair please remove your lp tokens (refresh the farming dapp if you cannot withdraw).

A note to token devs, if your ERC20 token inherits from the openzepplin library and implements the standard ERC20 interface your good to go…

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